Justinian6 Inc.

Welcome to Justinian6 Inc. We specialize in programming against the Minecraft plugin API. Depending on the type of project the price varies between 10 to 2,000 USD. All agreements must be signed via fax for legal purposes protecting both parties from fraud. All projects are protected under the GNU GPLv3. Please do not abuse any of my work.

Public Programs

All source code for public projects can be found under the REPOSITOIRES tab at the upper right corner of the page. To checkout the latest branch from the git repository, enter the directoory of the project tree then checkout the latest snapshot. For bug reporting, please visit the JIRA page and create an account. Then submit the issue under the appropriate project.


Any and all donations are appreciated in show of your support for our public projects

Private Programs
Price TBD

As stated above, the price per project is highly negotiable, however there are minimums and maximums in place to provide a general scope to the consumer. If you are interested in recruiting us to build a plugin please follow the link, or go to the our contact page, where all of our developers have their contact information listed.