Justinian6 Software

On this site you will find access to all Java based programming for plugins and mods that are publicly released. Access to bug reporting, source repositories, and maven repositories for released APIs are also available. For inquiries related to private project requests please send an email to justinrose@justinian6.com.

Public Programs

All source code for public projects can be found under the REPOSITOIRES tab at the upper right corner of the page. To checkout the latest branch from the git repository, enter the directory of the project tree then checkout the latest snapshot. For bug reporting, please visit the JIRA page and create an account. Then submit the issue under the appropriate project.

Private Programs

If you have an original plugin idea but do not know how to code, let's build it together! Pricing per project is determined on feature level and complexity. To get a quote please reach out to us on Spigot, or at justinrose@justinian6.com.